Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jo Daviess Drifter Important Updates

Just got back from some final course reconning. A couple important updates:

First, parking. We will be parking at the parking lot in Apple River Canyon State Park just south of the river and on the east side of Canyon Park Road as pictured.

Second, route details. This is gonna be a long one, but there will be ample stops to refuel with the first at about 50 miles in Savanna and the next at about 100 miles in Galena. That said, there might not be water at the start so come with bottles full and enough supplies to get you through the first leg.

Third, equipment. Most of you should know what works for you. Make sure you bring tools and lights. It's gonna be hot so bring extra water storage. There will be some sections of the route that are totally off road, but that is the exception and most roads will be gravel or pavement.

Ride will be leaving AT 5:00 AM!!! I think that sums things up. Let us know if you have further questions. This route is big, but there will be a lot of cool features along the way. Hope to see you there!

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