Sunday, May 4, 2014


The Slender Fungus Cycling Association is pleased to officially announce the Jo Daviess Drifter 150!!!

This ride will take place on JUNE 29th 2014 and will consist of 150 miles of rugged road riding in the scenic and mysterious unglaciated glory of Northwestern Illinois.  Any sensible "all-arounder" style bicycle will do fine on this route, but wide tires and a wide gear range come recommended.  This location is dear to our hearts as a riding destination and we want to share the beauty of these ridges, valleys, rivers, and roads with you.  Yes, you!!!

The ride will start and finish at Apple River Canyon State Park to allow for parking as well as camping accommodations for those who might be traveling to attend this ride.  There will be a shorter route (60 to 70 miles) for individuals not wishing to ride the full 150.  Full routes and additional details will be provided as the date of the event approaches.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates on other blogs/social media, leave a comment if you would like more information, and please share this ride with your friends!!! 

  1. Ride starts at 5:00 AM from Apple River Canyon State Park
  2. Ride is self supported.  You are on your own if you are unable to finish the route.  That said, this NOT a race, and riders WILL NOT be dropped.
  3. Cue sheet and maps will be provided.
  4. Expect hot conditions and excessive elevation change.  Plan your hydration and nutrition accordingly.
  5. There will be opportunities on route to resupply on water and food.