Monday, March 24, 2014

More Important Training Tips, Recent Training Activities

Bicycling magazine has published this very helpful and informative guide on how to ride and race your bike on gravel.  I encourage all aspiring gravel riders to read and take this information to heart.  I have some changes to make to my training plans!  While you are at it, I also recommend this helpful training tool:

Next time you head out on a training ride, this can help take the guess work out of what clothing you should wear.  Thank me later!


Here is a dump of photos of spring training efforts so far.  Right now I am at about 700 miles for the month of March.  Looks like I will fall a bit short of the 1,000 mile goal, but I am not too discouraged as my riding has been of high quality and I have been running consistently as well.  Rides out in Franklin Grove, a trip down to the Ozarks for a week, a solo century, commuting, and other rides here and there make up the miles accumulated so far.  Training is going well, the weather at the end of April remains the unknown and unforeseeable variable.  Hope for the best, and keep at it until then.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Take Refuge In Clean Living

The journey to Trans Iowa V10 begins to draw to a close.  The day will soon be here when we gather in Grinnell to face the challenge we have been preparing for.  There is not much time left, but that doesn't mean we should panic.  If you are serious, it is time to dedicate yourself.  Find the time to ride, run, or exercise.  Figure out your bike, your clothing, your equipment.  Keep your thoughts positive.  This one can be harder than it seems, but it is important.  Take refuge in clean living.  How long has it been since you have had alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and other drugs completely out of your system?  There may not be room for these things and Trans Iowa in your life at the same time.  Stay balanced.  There is still work, school, relationships, and family for most people to consider.  It can be done though, people prove that every year.  Two months remain, make them count.