Monday, September 5, 2011


Post Teens--Fucked Up Perception from A Justice on Vimeo.

sick punk band from gainesville, fl. i just ordered their new demo cassette, and you can too!
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yesterday got back from a trip to jackson falls.  it was HOT, but we managed to get some fun climbing in, cool off at swimming holes, and take in the beauty of the shawnee.  i ended up onsighting "spiders from mars", a 5.10b slab climb which had me quaking pretty badly in a few spots.  it was exhilarating and marks my hardest onsight to date.  the trip has left me with aching tendons and probably some poison ivy, but it was great to get out and get on the stone again.  other routes of note include:

  • cheerio bowl, 5.10a:  one of my favorite routes at jackson, just as good as it always is.  great exposure.
  • flash, 5.10a/b:  tried this one cause it stayed dry in the rain on sunday.  found out from some other folks climbing it that certain holds have broken off in the past few years, explaining why it felt so damn hard.
  • fine nine, 5.9:  wanted to climb this again as the last time i tried it was soaking wet.  felt better, but still not an easy route by any means.
  • stubborn swede, 5.8:  a cool wandering route on the monument right by cheerio bowl.  worth checking out for the setting alone, the hidden peaks has got to be one of the most scenic spots in the canyon.

(someone who is not me on spiders from mars.  neither my partner nor i brought cameras.)

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